Every romantic relationship has its ups and downs. Just about everyone can use a helpful relationship tip or some sound relationship advice from time to time. The relationship articles listed below are full of helpful tips and thoughtful advice to help you meet the challenges of your romantic relationship.

Relationship Tips

How To Write An I Love You Letter
Writing an I Love You Letter is a great way to express your love for your sweetheart.

How To Romance Your Wife
Specific tips on how to build the love and romance in your marriage over time.

Writing Love Letters To Your Wife - How To Get Started
Writing love letters to your wife is a great way to give her a tangible expression of your love.

Getting What You Want From Your Husband
A strategy for getting what you want from your husband by tapping into his love for you.

Surviving A Break Up
Practical tips to minimize the sorrow as you deal with a painful relationship break up.

Getting Back Together - Making the Most of a Second Chance at Love
Getting back together after a break up is just the first step toward happily ever. Use these relationship tips to make the most of your second chance at love.

How To Write A Dear John Letter
Unfortunately, not every romantic relationship lives up to our early hopes and dreams. When it isn't possible to break off a romantic relationship in person, a well written break up letter is sometimes the best way to compassionately end the relationship.

How To Write A Goodbye Letter
Writing a goodbye letter can give both parties some closure to the relationship and is a nice way to part on good terms. How To Write A Goodbye Letter gives some practical tips on how to finally say goodbye to a former love.

After A Break Up - When To Start Dating Again
A series of questions to ask yourself as you consider whether you have come to terms with a relationship break up and are ready to start dating again.

Rebound Relationships
Is dating quickly after a relationship break up really the best thing to do? What does it mean to be rebounding, on the rebound or a rebound?

Making A Rebound Relationship Work
Rebound relationships often do not last the test of time. Here are some practical tips on to improve your chances of making a rebound relationship work.

Helping a Friend Through a Break Up
Life after a relationship break up can be a very sad and difficult time. Practical tips on how you can help a friend through a painful break up.

Online Dating Tips

Online Dating - Meeting A Woman For The First Time
You started online dating to meet a woman. Now it is time to meet your online match for the first time. Meeting her in a comfortable environment is your best strategy for transitioning to a relationship in the real world.

Online Dating - Meeting A Man For The First Time
You started online dating to meet a man. Now it is time to meet your online match for the first time. Meeting him in a comfortable environment will give you the best chance to relax while you explore the romantic possibilities.

Online Dating For The Shy Person
Are you a bit quiet in groups? Do you need to get to know someone a little bit before they get to see the real you? With the speed of life today, being slow to open-up can be a real problem in the dating world. If you have considered online dating, you may have shied away from posting your picture and a profile on a website for the whole world to see. If you are looking to find someone special, consider giving eHarmony a try.

Online Dating - Talking To A Woman For The First Time
The first big step in moving from an online relationship to one in the real world is talking on the phone for the first time. Your best chance to talk to her on the phone and eventually meet her is to allow things to move forward at a pace she feels comfortable.

Online Dating - Talking To A Man For The First Time
Meeting new men online can be exciting and fun, but ultimately you want to meet them in person. Your first phone call with an online match may decide if the relationship moves forward or ends. Take the time to prepare for a successful first phone call.