Are you a bit shy and quiet in groups? Do you need to get to know someone a little bit before they get to see the real you? With the speed of life today, being shy and slow to open-up can be a real problem in the dating world. If you have considered online dating, you may have shied away from posting your picture and a profile on a website for the whole world to see. If you are a bit shy and looking to find someone special, consider giving eHarmony a try. eHarmony has a number of strengths for the shy person.


eHarmony is wonderful about respecting the privacy of its members. You are unlikely to have a neighbor or coworker looking at your profile, because it is only available to your eHarmony matches. eHarmony allows you to decide when you share your picture with your matches. eHarmony also provides a way to communicate with your matches while still maintaining your anonymity. You can go so far as meeting a match in person without ever sharing your phone number, address, e-mail address or even your last name.

eHarmony Matching System

eHarmony matches their members based on 29 dimensions of compatibility found in successful relationships. You are matched with singles that can appreciate the person you are inside. The next step is to find out if the personal chemistry is there. eHarmonyís matching system also spreads your matches over time, so you will not be matched with fifty people in one day. This keeps you from being overwhelmed and allows to focus on a few matches at a time.

eHarmony Communication Process

The eHarmony communication process begins when you or your match decide to initiate communication. The steps involve:

  1. Asking and answering five multiple-choice questions.
  2. Sharing your Must Haveís and Canít Stands.
  3. Asking and answering three short answer questions.
  4. E-mailing one another within eHarmonyís anonymous message system.

With other online dating services, you may end up wasting a lot of time coming up with a snappy e-mail just to get someoneís attention. With eHarmony, your time investment grows only after you have had a chance to determine your match is interested in pursuing the match further.

The eHarmony communication process allows your relationship with your matches to grow over time. With each step, you share a little more with one another. This allows you to slowly get to know each other and to become comfortable with one another.

With time, the anonymity of the eHarmony communication process allows you to relax and be yourself. Once that happens, you are in a great place to find a wonderful person who will love and appreciate you.

If you a bit shy and havenít found that special person yet, they may be waiting for you at eHarmony. Make a bold move and give eHarmony a try.