Are You Looking For A Lasting Relationship?

If you are interested in finding a lasting relationship, the eHarmony website can be an interesting option.

The Good News

eHarmony was designed with the needs of women in mind. It is a safe place to meet quality men that have something in common with you. The slow matching and communication process tends to weed out the men that are just looking for a quick date. That is the good news.

The Bad News

The bad news is that there are quite a few more women than men on eHarmony. This is particularly true if you are over 40. It is unfortunate, but not every woman on eHarmony is going to find her charming prince. There are just not enough men on eHarmony to go around. This has several implications:

  1. You should be prepared to invest some time and effort into your eHarmony search.
  2. You should be prepared to be patient. I think that you should give eHarmony a year to work for you.
  3. You should try to approach all of your matches with an open mind.
  4. You should not just wait for eHarmony to send you the man of your dreams. You still need to make the most of your interactions with men outside eHarmony.

The following sections are a collection of tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your eHarmony experience and improve your odds of finding someone to love.

If You Are A Bit Shy

The eHarmony communication process is designed for shy people. It builds your relationship with your matches over time.

  1. eHarmony matches you with a man.
  2. You read one anotherís profiles.
  3. One of you initiates communication.
  4. You ask and answer five multiple-choice questions.
  5. You share your Must Haveís and Canít Stands.
  6. You ask and answer three short answer questions.
  7. You e-mail one another.
  8. You talk on the phone.
  9. You meet in person.

With each step, you share more with one another. This allows you to slowly get to know each other and to become comfortable with one another.

Dating Website vs. Relationship Website

eHarmony really isnít a dating website, it is a relationship website. It is not designed to help you find a date for Friday night. eHarmonyís goal is to help you find a lifetime partner.

Isnít eHarmony Just For Christians?

No, eHarmony is open to atheists and people of all faiths.

Isnít eHarmony Expensive?

If you pay the full monthly cost, month after month, eHarmony can be pretty expensive. You can reduce your monthly cost by waiting for a promotion before joining, taking advantage of a special offer to extend your membership or extending your membership for a longer time period. eHarmony can be expensive, but what is it worth to you to find a kind, loving and thoughtful man?