Filling Out The eHarmony Relationship Questionnaire

When you first sign up with eHarmony, they give you a very long questionnaire to complete. If you approach it thoughtfully, answering all the questions is going to take a significant amount of time. Don’t try to tackle this job unless you are well rested and in a good mood. I would suggest that you thoughtfully answer the questionnaire a little bit at a time. You can save your work, so don’t feel like you need to answer all of the questions in one sitting. The open answer questions are part of your eHarmony profile. I would suggest giving short, quick answers to those questions and moving on. You can spend more time on the questions in your profile later. I would also suggest that you not request any matches until you have finished filling out your profile, you have posted your pictures and you are serious about starting your search for a loving companion.

Find a Promotional Code

eHarmony regularly runs promotions. Before you become a paying eHarmony member, check the Internet for the latest promotional code. You can often find a promotion that will give you membership for three months for the price of one. I have even seen eHarmony promotional codes on eBay® for five dollars. Personally, I paid full price for three months and found the woman I was looking for in one month. While finding a wonderful woman for a measly $100 is great, finding her for $50 would have been even better.

Play Hard To Get With eHarmony

When you first fill out the eHarmony questionnaire, they ask you questions about how many dating sites you have signed up for. I understand this information may be used to determine what kind of offers you may be presented with to entice you to become a paying member. The rumor is that if you are a member of some of the other dating websites, they offer you a better deal to help persuade you to join eHarmony. If you don’t immediately sign up and play a little hard to get, they will offer you better deals to become a member. eHarmony uses new matches to entice you to sign up. If you are going to play hard to get, I would suggest that you turn off your matches so that you are not tempted. This can be done by selecting the “My Settings” tab, select “No, please do not send me new matches until I say otherwise” and click the “Save” button.

Wait For An Interesting Match Before Joining eHarmony

If money is tight or you don’t expect to get a high number of matches in your area, do not join eHarmony as a paying member right away. Sign up for eHarmony, take the test, setup your profile, post some pictures and set yourself up to receive matches. Sort through the matches that you receive and close out any that don’t seem interesting. If any matches do seem interesting and they request communication, you can put them on hold temporarily but that can be risky. If you have several matches that you are interested in pursuing, it may be time to join eHarmony as a paying member. The upside to this approach is that when you do join you will already have some interesting matches. The downside is that you will not be able to see any pictures posted by your matches until you are a paid member. Waiting for an interesting match is a good way to jump start your eHarmony membership.