Filling Out Your eHarmony Profile

You should be mindful that when you are on the eHarmony website, your session may timeout if you stay on one page too long. When you are filling out your eHarmony profile, you may be tempted to try to get the wording just right before saving it. If you do that, you may risk timing out and losing any work you did not save. When you are working on your eHarmony profile, make sure to save your work from time to time.

Thoughtfully Answer All Of The Questions

When you are filling out your eHarmony profile, thoughtfully answer all of the questions. Incomplete profiles are a sign that you are not a member or not serious about finding someone. You may also want to consider changes to your eHarmony profile from time to time. Are you getting closed out more often than you expected? Look at your profile to see if there is something that is putting your matches off. If one of your matches misinterpreted something in your eHarmony profile, check to see if you can make it a bit clearer. Your eHarmony experience may also refine your thoughts about the woman you are looking for. You may want to update your profile to reflect that.

Spelling Counts

In eHarmony, sadly spelling counts. If your eHarmony profile has a number of spelling errors you can come off as sloppy or uneducated. If you are not sure about the spelling of a specific word, you can use the website for help. You might also ask a friend to proof read your profile for errors in spelling or grammar.

Be Honest And Straightforward

When you are filling out the eHarmony questionnaire, filling out your eHarmony profile or communicating with a match, it can be tempting to be less than candid. Throughout your eHarmony experience I would urge you to be as open and honest as possible. If you are
5í 2Ē donít say that you are 6í2Ē. If you are 42, donít say you are 32. The most wonderful thing in the world is to be loved for who you are. The greatest blessing is for someone to know your every fault and love you all the more. We are all flawed human beings, no one is perfect. If you are a shorter man, some women are going to close you out because of your height. That is a shame, but they are probably just doing you a favor. You didnít waste your time and your money trying to woo a woman that was more concerned about your height than your heart. Look for a woman that will love you for who you are. The best way to find her is to be completely honest throughout your eHarmony experience.

Mention Physical Activity

If you are physically active, be sure to mention the activities that you enjoy in your eHarmony profile. If you havenít been getting out quite as much as you would like, you might mention activities that you would like to share with your future partner.


If you are a non-smoker, be sure to mention that at the end of your eHarmony profile. It is a good selling point for other non-smokers.

No Children

Already having children presents an additional challenge to a new relationship. Not only do you get the woman, but also any children from a previous relationship. It is a package deal. If a woman has children, there is usually at least a hint in her profile. I suspect many guys that have children are not that up front about it. If you do not have any children, you might want to mention that at the end of your eHarmony profile. That could be a big selling point for a woman that hopes to have children of her own someday.

If You Are A Very Busy Guy

If you are always on the go and you will not always be timely in responding to your matches, ask for patience from your matches in your eHarmony profile. You may want to use something like this:

I try to respond to all my eHarmony matches in a timely manner, but occasionally I am away from my computer for a few days. If I donít get back to you right way, I hope my warm smile will encourage you to be a little patient with me.  I just might be the guy you are looking forÖ

Iím A Catch

Do you have a lot going for you? Do you have a lot to offer a woman? Mention that in your eHarmony profile with an invitation to communicate. Here is an example:

I am a non-smoker, I have never been married and I donít have any children. I'm a great catch. Let's talk/write.

Reconsider Facial Hair

Women generally prefer the clean-shaven look to a beard, goatee or moustache. When it comes time to kiss or snuggle close, facial hair tends to be rough on a womanís skin. Facial hair also tends to make you look older. So if you have facial hair, you may want to consider if you are marketing yourself to a smaller slice of the female population and thus limiting your chances for success.

Post Pictures In eHarmony

eHarmony allows you the flexibility to decide when you are going to share your pictures with an eHarmony match. Regardless of when you decide to share your pictures, have the pictures already posted on eHarmony. Profiles without pictures are often assumed to be non-members. If you donít have any pictures posted, you probably should mention why in your eHarmony profile.

Select Your Pictures Thoughtfully

When you sign-up with eHarmony you should select a few nice pictures of yourself to post with your eHarmony profile. If you donít have any nice pictures, have a friend take some pictures of you. You may ask for advice from female friends on which pictures to post. I would suggest:

  • A casual picture, the everyday you (message: I am a down to earth guy)
  • A nicer picture possibly from a special occasion (message: I clean up nicely)
  • A picture from an outdoor activity (message: I am active, I enjoy the outdoors)
  • At least one close up picture of your head and shoulders. You should set this picture as your primary picture.

I would not suggest:

  • Using any pictures that do not accurately show what you look like today. Pictures of you 15 years ago or 50 pounds ago will not help you find love. Any eHarmony matches that you may meet will feel deceived and that will immediately destroy any chance for a relationship.
  • Using any pictures from your webcam. If you donít have access to a digital camera, use a film camera. The print photos can be scanned into your computer or you can mail them to eHarmony.
  • Using any fussy or dark pictures that make it hard to see you.
  • Using any very close up, head only pictures.
  • A picture of you with another woman (Even if she is your sister, it is not a good idea. You want your potential matches to imagine what they would look like next to you.).
  • A picture of you with another person that has been cut out of the picture (You will leave your matches wondering who else was in the picture. That is a distraction that takes the focus off of you.).
  • A picture with children that is not explained (That will create confusionÖ Does he have children? Are they a friendís children? Is he a Sunday school teacher?).