Get A Few Calling Cards

There is a good possibility that sometime in your eHarmony experience you will end up talking on the phone with women that are outside your local calling area. Local toll calls can be quite expensive. A way around this is to get a calling card. Costco has calling cards for 2.9 cents a minute, for local and long distance phone calls. This compares to 10+ cents a minute from your local phone company. Offer your calling card number when you give her your phone number. Over and above the cost savings, it shows the woman that you are thoughtful and considerate. I would suggest that you have several calling cards and you think about using a new one with each woman that you talk with on the phone. If a match does not work out, you can use the remaining minutes for your own phone calls.

Conversation Topics For Your First Phone Call

Before your match calls you on the phone, review her profile and your correspondence with her. Use the information from her profile and your correspondence to come up with a few conversation topics. Write down four or five friendly questions that you would like to ask her. Should the conversation drag or you get a little flustered, you can use one of your questions to help get the phone call back on track.

Send An E-Mail After Your First Phone Call

If you had a successful first phone call, before you go to bed, send her a short e-mail saying that you enjoyed talking on the phone with her. This accomplishes several things:

  1. It lets her know that you are still interested in getting to know her.
  2. It terms of the next communication, it puts the ball in her court.
  3. Her response will give you a sense of her level of interest.
  4. It is the best way to help move the relationship forward without you looking pushy.

Video Conference With NetMeeting

If you are pursuing a match that is not in your local area, before investing in a long drive or a plane ticket consider trying a video conference. You will both need to have high speed Internet connections and at least one of you will need a webcam. You can pickup a decent webcam online for around $60. NetMeeting® is a video conferencing program that I have used. It is part of the Windows® XP operating system and it can be downloaded for free for earlier versions of Windows. You could also use NetMeeting to talk to each other for free, but my experience has been that the sound quality is not the best. I like to chat on the phone while my computer provides the video feed. I will warn you that setup can be a hassle if you have a router or firewall that need configuration changes. To make the connection, you will need to determine your IP address (use the website Give your IP address to her and she enters your IP address in NetMeeting to dial you up. It is a lot of fun and once you have bought the webcams, it is free.