Dreams is a romantic love letter to my sweetheart in the form of a romantic story. I wrote it shortly before my birthday. The characters in this romantic story are:

  • Tammy - The Faire Princess
  • Tim - Her Charming Prince
  • God - Playing Himself

Conversations with God - A series of romantic short stories


One night, Tammy was fondly thinking of her boyfriend, Tim. His birthday was coming up and she wanted to do something extra special for him. So, she decided to ask God for help.

Tammy called out: "God?"

God replied: "Yes, my dear Tammy".

Tammy asked: "I think that my boyfriend, Tim, is the most wonderful man. He makes me so very, very happy. God, I want to do the same for him. Change me into the woman that Tim will think is the most beautiful, the most kind, the most affectionate and the most loving."

God asked: "Are you SURE, that is what you want?"

Tammy replied: "Yes. Yes, I am sure".

God answered: "Very well Tammy, go to sleep and rest easy, for when you wake up tomorrow morning you will have your wish".

Tammy was very excited, but eventually she fell into a deep, deep sleep. When she awoke the next morning, she remembered the promise God made to her. She sprang out of bed and ran to the mirror to see what she looked like. What she saw was a woman with no make-up on and uncombed hair. Tammy recognized her. It was the same woman that greeted her at the mirror every morning.

Tammy cried out: "God!!"

God replied: "Yes, my dear Tammy?"

An exasperated Tammy said: "God, you said that while I slept you would change me into the woman of Tim's dreams. I woke up this morning, I look EXACTLY the same! I feel EXACTLY the same!".

God answered: "My dear Tammy, I did not say that I would change into the woman of Tim's dreams while you slept. I said, when you awoke you would have your wish. I didn't take an interest in your request just last night. I have been working on that since you were in your mother's womb. I have been working on your wish for the last 43 years. I haven't made you into the woman of his dreams. Tammy, I have made you into a woman beyond his dreams."