My sweetheart initially didn't seem too impressed with my romantic love letter I Have The Worst Luck... After two hours of pouring my heart into that e-mail I got back, "Wow, what a nice email". So I wrote yet another romantic love letter in response. (If you are not familiar with the phrase "swinging for the fences", it is a baseball term. I means putting everything you have into the effort and not worrying about the risks).

Dear Sweet Tammy,

Well, I was kind of holding my breath when I sent that e-mail. I figured you would either love it or I would get another cool your jets e-mail. It looks like you came out somewhere in between. Since you were running off to work, I assume you only read it once, possibly holding your breath for a zinger.

I think the e-mail is beautiful. I think it is the most beautiful thing I have ever written. It may have been better written as "I am SO lucky", for the correct emphasis. Everything builds to the last five sentences. It is about learning to be optimistic and expecting great things to happen.

I could hide my heart away in a little box. While my heart may never be hurt, the cost is spending every night alone. I have done that for ten years and I am finished. I am swinging for the fences, I am looking to live the dream, I am putting my heart out there. Could it end up being squashed like a bug, sure. I may never live the dream, but I am going to be swinging for the fences and expecting great things.

With fond affection,