I wrote this love letter to my sweetheart early in our relationship. The "Dear Mr. Mahar" email refers to a "cool your jets" email that I received from her. She was cautious. She sent me a email saying that she hoped we could be friends if we didn't work out as a romantic couple. I was a bit more optimistic. We had met on eHarmony and we were planning to meet in person after three months... we didn't last three weeks (smile).


Thanks for the phone call. I loved hearing from you. You're great. I like you more every time we talk... You have been warned!! (smile)

You asked in the "Dear Mr. Mahar" e-mail what the chances are that you are the girl of my dreams. Truthfully, I think the chances are pretty good. That is why I am still here. Is it a certainty? Absolutely not, but at this point, I haven't seen (pun intended) anything that tells me you are not The One. I am quite taken with you. I am fully aware that someday you may decide to shoot me down in a blaze of glory. I understand that. I know you may develop a romantic interest in some else that requires ending the romantic possibilities with me. I accept that. I also know that it is possible that I may decide you are not quite the person that I am looking for. If that were to happen, that would be very, very difficult for me to do. I understand the risks and rewards of going forward may be huge. I am far more worried about losing out because I didn't open myself up to you than being hurt because I did. I have made my decision, I am willing to take my chances.

In terms of where we are three months from now. I guess a lot will depend on what happens when we meet. I am expecting to want to give you a BIG HUGE long hug, in friendship, if nothing else. I really don't feel any concerns in terms of being disappointed in your looks. I think you have had an opportunity to see around eight pictures of me. My understanding so far, is that you have liked what you have seen. I don't see conversation being a problem since we seem to do fine on the phone, without the visual cues and body language of being face to face. I know we are both interested in giving and receiving physical affection, I believe that would similarly flow to warmth in intimacy if, someday in the future, we were ever to reach that level. I think both of us have shown an interest in being flexible towards the interests of the other. I would expect that I would be bringing you flowers and writing you letters, notes and e-mails. I anticipate three or four months from now we will be very close. I am not seeing the hitch...

Should we not make it as a romantic couple, who knows what the possibilities may be as friends. I can't say. My hope would be that we could be friends, but there is a possibility hurt feelings and wounded hearts would not allow for a close friendship.

Both romantically and as friends, there are no guarantees in life.

I hope I have addressed your concerns. If not, maybe we could discuss this further.

With fond thoughts,