Sadly, not every relationship lasts forever. After a fight, my sweetheart broke off our romantic relationship. I kept hoping we would get back together, but she was never interested.

After spending a number of months coming to terms with the break up, I was ready to start dating again. I called my sweetheart to see how she was doing and we spent the next two hours talking.

The next day I called her to suggest that we get together for dinner. She couldn't because she had been seeing someone for the past couple of months. Wow! I certainly didn't see that one coming! So instead of going to dinner, we ended up talking on the phone for the next two hours.

Despite her new relationship, she sure didn't act like she was over me. The next day I received a phone call from her. She asked that I not call her since it was disruptive to her new relationship. I sent her a few e-mails after that, but only received one very short response. I felt shut out. It had always seemed as though getting back together would be an option in the future, so I never had really said goodbye to her.

Since I planned to respect her request that I not call her, I decided to write her this heartfelt goodbye letter. I think it is not only a great goodbye letter, but it is also a wonderful love letter to my sweetheart. I think it speaks beautifully to the love I had for her.

I hope you enjoy this goodbye letter and that it touches your heart.

Dear Tammy,

Do you remember our phone conversation on Easter two years ago? You were driving to spend Easter with your family. You said that when I met your family, they would want to know my intentions. Then you asked me, "What are your intentions?". Do you remember my answer? I boldly stated, without hesitation, "My intention is to marry you!". I was never shy with you. My goal was the love of a lifetime and a lifetime of love together. That is not much to ask is it? That is me, swinging for the fences and expecting great things. It will always sadden me that I did not get to share that life with you.

You may have thought, in the last few months, that you had forever missed out on that life with me. That was not true. If at any time, you boldly stepped forward and stated that you wanted nothing more than a lifetime of love with me, you would have received a seemingly unending hug and a shoulder wet with my tears.

Instead, you have made some relationship decisions that have troubled me. You are a good and trusting person, but I think you are also vulnerable due to the unresolved sorrows in your life. I am saddened that my love wasnít able to do more to heal your wounded heart.

It appears our relationship has dwindled down to a one way conversation via e-mail. Although you may read them, I feel they donít really reach you. It has been very disheartening to be pushed out of your life for the sake of a rebound relationship with one of the walking wounded in the battles for love. I thought I accounted for more in your life.

So, this is goodbye. I will miss you Faire Princess, just as I have in every moment in the last 790 days that I have been away from you. My heart was never really satisfied unless I was holding you in my arms. I have loved loving you and being loved by you. You have grabbed hold of my love and embraced it like no one else ever has.

Please give me a call when life allows you to enjoy a warm hug, a good meal and one of our loving heart-to-heart talks on the couch. I will look forward to that day... if it ever comes.

Goodbye My Love,


The Result
Two days after I sent her my goodbye letter, I received an e-mail from her. The next day she called me and we talked for almost an hour. My goodbye letter seemed to make an impression on her and it seemed she wasn't quite ready to say goodbye. She suggested that we talk some more that night over dinner.

When we met for dinner, it was the first time we had seen each other since the break up. It was clear we both felt that we were meant to be together. She broke off her relationship with the other guy and we have been together ever since.

My goodbye letter made my sweetheart consider if she really wanted to go through life without me. Apparently, she didn't. So, in the end, my goodbye letter turned out to be more of a "hello again" letter.

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