After a break up, one or both parties may harbor a lingering hope of getting back together. That lingering hope can keep one from getting closure on the relationship and moving on with their life.

Writing a Goodbye Letter is an opportunity to finally say goodbye to a former love and part on good terms. I will be adding a page to the website soon that will give tips for writing your own goodbye letter. In the meantime, ...

Goodbye My Love is a sample goodbye letter. I think it says a beautiful and loving goodbye. See for yourself...

Dear Michelle,

I seems odd to start a letter with Dear Michelle rather than My Love, Sweetheart or Princess. My, life has certainly taken quite a turn.

Though we have been apart these months, I always believed that life would bring us back together. That hope was a comfort and gave me the patience to wait for that future. As time has passed, it is pretty clear that you have drifted further and further away from me. I guess it is finally time for me to acknowledge, to you and myself, that our futures will take different paths.

My hope that destiny would bring us back together meant that I never really had to say goodbye. As much as that saddens me, I think it is really time for me to say goodbye to you.

Your entry into my life breathed life into me. It gave me an excitement for each new day and I looked forward with anticipation to each time I could see you.

In all of life, I have never really felt so at peace as when I was in your arms. I was enthralled by the beauty of you smile, bewitched by the twinkle in you eye and overcome by the passion of your kisses. You certainly had an affect on me.

There will always be a place in my heart that you will be fondly, fondly remembered, but it is now time for me to seek my own future.

I wish you the brightest future and I hope you find all that you are looking for...

With all my love,


The Result
A goodbye letter can lead to two possible results. One possibility is that the person receiving it decides they are not quite ready to say goodbye. The goodbye letter can lead to the couple actually getting back together. After a break up, I sent a heartfelt goodbye letter to my sweetheart that lead to us getting back together.

The other possibility is the goodbye letter confirms to both people that the relationship is really over. A goodbye letter allows you say a good goodbye, get some closure on the relationship and part on good terms.

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