I Missed You is a romantic love letter I wrote to my sweetheart the night she returned from a week long business trip. Her flight was arriving in the evening and she had to work the next day. I had driven two hours to surprise her at the airport, but I missed her because she had arrived on an earlier flight. By the time I got to the airport, she was long gone. It was a long drive home that night...

My beloved Tammy,

I am SO glad you are back. You just have no idea how much I missed you!! My arms missed holding you. My eyes missed your smile. My ears missed the sound of your laugh. I missed the smell of your hair and the taste of your lips. I missed your head resting on my chest. I missed snuggling close to you in front of the fireplace. I missed looking at you across the couch as I rub your leg. I missed brushing back your hair, exposing your neck to loving and tender kisses. I missed holding your face in my hand and staring into your beautiful blue eyes. I missed being held by you. I missed being near you. I missed you.

With love from a longing heart,