I like to leave romantic love notes for my sweetheart. It is a nice little surprise for her when she finds them. Generally what I like to do is make a small card by folding over a small piece of paper. I usually write a little teaser on the front followed by three periods. Inside the sentence is completed with a heartfelt expression of love. I hope you enjoy reading these romantic love notes and that they inspire your to write a romantic love note to your sweetheart!

This romantic love note expresses my drive to tenderly love and romance her.

I am driven...
to romance you.

One of several romantic love notes I have left on the bathroom mirror:

I can't see a future that does not include you.

This romantic love note is not anything that I hadn't said before, but who doesn't like a reminder?

I am...
in love with you.

A love note referring to the romantic story Dreams:

You are...
the love of my life and the woman beyond my dreams.

This is one of my favorite romantic love notes to my sweetheart:

adore you.
I cherish you.
I am devoted to you.

A romantic love note referring to the love letter I Have The Worst Luck:

I am...
SO lucky.

One of several love notes I have left on the bathroom mirror:

You reflect well on me.

A romantic note to remind my sweetheart that I am always thinking about her.

You are...
always on my mind.

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