My own romantic story started when I met my sweetheart on eHarmony. She did not post a picture with her profile and I never asked her for a picture. We e-mailed each other and talked on the phone for a few weeks before we decided to meet in person. Until we met, I had only vague hints as to what she looked like. So when we did finally meet, I took some pictures. When I got home, I downloaded the pictures to my computer. I was very disappointed, because I didn't think the woman in the pictures looked anything like the woman I had just met that evening. The pictures absolutely did not do her justice. That was the inspiration for this romantic story.

The Big Picture is a romantic love letter to my sweetheart in the form of a romantic story. This romantic story is from the "Conversions with God" series. The characters in this romantic story are:

  • Tammy - The Faire Princess
  • Tim - Her Charming Prince
  • God - Playing Himself

Conversations with God - A romantic story series

The Big Picture

One day, Tammy was troubled and she asked God for help.

Tammy: "God, I have a problem".

God answered: "Yes, my dear Tammy. How can I help you".

Tammy said: "My boyfriend, Tim, has asked for a nice picture of me".

God replied: "Tim has a few pictures of you already".

Tammy said: "Yes, but he says that they don't do me justice and that he barely recognizes me. I have my camera here. Can you take a picture of me for him?"

God replied: "I see the problem here Tammy. That camera is not going to help you".

A worried Tammy asks: "Why? God, what is wrong?"

God answers: "My dear Tammy, your camera will never be able to capture the beauty that Tim sees in you. When you are with Tim, he does not see you with his eyes. Tammy, Tim sees you with his heart."