Love Letter Background
I wrote this love letter to my sweetheart early in our relationship. It is long (sorry!), but I think it is well worth reading. It is one of my favorite love letters. It is about learning to be optimistic and expecting great things in life.

I Have The Worst Luck... A Long Short Story
I was at my sisters house last Tuesday visiting while doing my laundry. Still no working lights in the laundry room or hallway because both fixtures require a special fluorescent bulb. So, I have to do laundry in romantic lighting. I have the worst luck.

My sister hasn't come back home yet, so I decide to run to Lowes for the materials to remedy the lighting issue once and for all. Two reasonably attractive (for a laundry room & hallway) lights $25.90. Four 60W long-term light bulbs, $1.49. A brother that is willing to buy and install them, priceless. They apparently don't have an appropriate ladder. I have the worst luck.

I manage to step on top of the dryer and start removing the first light fixture. My sister asks "Don't you want to turn off the circuit breaker first". "Turning off the circuit breaker is for chickens". (eye roll)

I notice my five year old niece and eight year old nephew are looking at me through door. My sister comes by again. Apparently, I have been ratted out. "The kids are wondering why you are standing on the dryer". "We have a rule against climbing on the furniture". Like that ever stopped THEM!

I remove the first fixture and carefully place it on my laundry basket. I install the new fixture and it works beautifully. When I go to throw out the old fixture, I learn that a light fixture can accumulate a lot of dust in 25 years and it is now all over my "clean" clothes. No good deed goes unpunished, I have the worst luck.

When I am ready to replace the hall light, I tell my brother-in-law, "We have a problem. There is not enough furniture for me to climb up on in the hallway to reach the light". He finds a stepping stool that barely allows me to reach the light fixture. Well, when I am finished I will have sore arms and slightly broader shoulders. I am starting to remove the light fixture when my brother-in-law asks "Don't you want me to turn off the circuit breaker first?" "Circuit breakers are for chickens". (eye roll)

I install the hall light and it, of course, works beautifully. I finish up the laundry and pull away in the truck. My sister's family waves goodbye, grateful for the light I have brought into their lives. (smile, eye roll)

I am driving back home on Highway 48. I turn onto Highway 25 North (are you taking down these directions?). I am driving along when I notice the charging light starts to fade in and out, the alternator is struggling. I just had the truck in the shop. I have the worst luck.

Just get me home. Eventually, the alternator dies and I am driving, in the middle of nowhere, on the battery. I have the worst luck.

Just as I start to enter a small town, the truck dies. I have just enough momentum to pull into the old auto shop there, a little piece of good luck. It is now midnight. I am eight miles from home. It is 25 degrees outside, and I only have a short sleeve shirt and a lined windbreaker to keep me warm. I have the worst luck.

I start the long cold walk home. My face is cold. I just shaved my beard the day before. I have the worst luck. As I am walking, I think, things could be worst. The truck could have died eight miles back in the middle of nowhere. It is clear, so I can see by the light of the half moon. It is not raining. It is not snowing. I guess someone is looking out for me, because things could be a lot worst.

After more than an hour of walking, I am half way home. It is a few hundred yards to highway exit, so I have given up trying to flag someone down. As a car drives past, it seems to hesitate whether to stop, but drives on. A few minutes later a car is approaching from the opposite direction and slows to a stop. It is a woman driving home at 1am. Maybe it was my clean-shaven boyish good looks, maybe it was my well crafted tale of woe, maybe it was her compassion for some ding-ailing walking in the cold at 1am, but she offered me a ride home. I am so lucky. She worked at the newspaper in the nearest significant town (pop. 1850). They work very late on Tuesdays. I am so lucky. She drops me off at home with my expressions of gratitude for rescuing me.

When I get to my room, I check my computer. After 12 days, a mysterious woman named Tammy has responded to my eHarmony request for communication. I had waited patiently rather than closing out the match. I am so lucky. She must have finally seen past the beard to a warm smile and eyes that clearly show he is laughing at his own joke. I am so lucky.

At every step of the way, I think that she is going to close me out, but she doesn't. I am so lucky. We get to open communication. She wants to talk and asks for my phone number. I am so lucky.

I mention that I live well outside town. That seems to be an issue, but she still wants my number. I am so lucky.

She calls me and sounds very sweet. She calls me again later that night. She just sounds wonderful. I am so lucky.

That night, I e-mail her before going to bed. I wake the next morning to an e-mail from her. She seems to 'get' me. I am so lucky.

Before I know it, I have her e-mail address and cell phone number. She seems to feel comfortable and is opening herself up to me. I am so lucky. She taunts me with talk of hugs and kisses, but I don't mind. I think she is wonderful. I am so lucky.

Things seem to be going great and we hit a little bump in the road. I worry that this is the beginning of the end, but she sends a warm and reassuring e-mail. She seems to see my heart. I am so lucky.

I have never seen her, but I think that she is beautiful. I am so lucky.

I am going to have to wait a while, but only 9 weeks. I am so lucky.

I don't know where life will lead us. I don't know what the future holds. Who does? But I am optimistic.

I have the best luck. I am so lucky.

I hope this brightens your day,