Not everyone has an unlimited bankroll to fund a romantic date. If you are young, you may have more energy and enthusiasm than money. Just because you are short of cash does not mean you canít have a nice date with your sweetheart. Here is a cheap date idea that you can set up with a couple of friends that will be fun for everyone.

The first thing you will need to do is find two good friends that are willing to help you plan and execute your cheap date. They should be friends that you can count on since the success or failure of the date will depend on their participation and enthusiasm.

The basic theme of this cheap date is receiving high class service even though you have a limited budget. On your cheap date you are going to take your sweetheart to a nice, fancy fast food restaurant. Your local fast food restaurant may not be nice or fancy, so that is where you friends come in. Basically, your friends are going to set up one of the tables as if it were in a fancy restaurant.

Planning Your Cheap Date

1. Select the nicest fast food restaurant that your budget will allow. Visit the restaurant and ask to talk to the manager. Share your cheap date idea with him or her and ask if that would be okay. The last thing you want to do is get kicked out the restaurant in the middle of your cheap date.

2. After you have the okay from the manager, select a table for your date. A booth would work well, but you might also consider a table off to the side of the restaurant.

3. Donít try to bring outside food into the restaurant. That is a big no-no. Everything you eat and drink will have to be from the fast food restaurantís menu.

4. Consider creating your own menu from the options available at the restaurant.

Planning The Table Setting For Your Cheap Date

1. Nicer restaurants generally have a white table cloth. If you donít have one, see if you can find on old bed sheet that you can double over or cut to size.

2. A vase with a rose would be a nice touch. If you canít swing that try for other cut flowers.

3. Cloth napkins would be nice, but decent sized napkins from home or the restaurant would be okay too.

4. Replace the plastic knives and forks with silverware (flatware).

5. Have glasses on the table if the restaurant will allow it, otherwise try for clear hard plastic cups.

Your Fancy Cheap Date

1. On the day of your date, have you friends dress up in their fanciest clothes. They are going to be your waiters.

2. Your friends can setup the table while you pickup your date.

3. As you enter the restaurant with your date, one of your friends will meet you at the door. When you see him or her, ask for a nice table for two. When your friend seats you and your date at the table, he or she says, "Your waiter will be with you shortly".

4. Once you are seated, your other friend comes to the table. Have your friend introduce themself as your waiter for the evening. Your friend can present the menus or you might just ask them to tell you about the specials of the day.

5. When you and you date have decided what you would like to eat, you waiter takes down your order. Her or she then goes to the fast food counter to place the order and get your drinks.

6. When your order is ready your waiter will place the food on plates and serve the food.

7. Make sure your friend comes by occasionally to check if you need anything.

8. When you are finished with your date, be sure to thank you friends for their great service.

9. After you leave, your friends clean-up. They should also try to thank the manager for allowing you to use their restaurant for your special date.

That is the basic outlines of a nice cheap date. If your sweetheart is easily embarrassed, you probably should avoid going to a fast food restaurant. You can pull off a similar cheap date ordering pizza in a dorm room, Chinese takeout at home or a barbecue in a backyard. You can also do this with a picnic at a beach or a park. Fancy cheap dates can be a lot of fun and the only limits are your imagination.

If you are looking for a fun date idea in the great outdoors, a whitewater rafting trip will provide the fun and excitement that you are looking for.