If you are looking for a fun date idea, consider taking your wife or girlfriend on a whitewater rafting trip. Whitewater rafting combines the beauty of nature with the fun and adventure of whitewater rapids. A whitewater rafting trip can be part of a day trip from home or a fun idea to add some adventure to your vacation. If your wife or girlfriend is a bit adventurous and doesn’t mind getting wet, a whitewater rafting trip could be a fun date idea.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting trips include stretches of calm waters where you can relax and admire the beautiful scenery (or exchange a smile with your sweetheart and steal a kiss). Other parts of the river will have you running rapids that will leave you wet with a broad smile. You are going to get wet and maybe even take a little swim. While your whitewater rafting date will be fun and exciting, you should be ready to be doing some paddling. In whitewater rafting everyone paddles as a team to direct the course of the raft down the river. Whitewater rafting is a fun date idea that provides a nice balance of thrills and excitement and opportunities to rest and relax.

Before you plan a whitewater rafting trip, you should consider your sweetheart’s heart for fun and adventure. While whitewater rafting is relatively safe, as in any water sport, there are inherent risks. That being said, the whitewater rafting trip will probably be safer than the drive there in your car.

Finding an Whitewater Rafting Outfitter

To insure a fun date and safe trip down the river, you should look for a professional whitewater rafting outfitter. A professional outfitter will provide the equipment you need plus an experienced guide. If any of your friends have gone whitewater rafting, ask them for recommendations. When considering a whitewater rafting outfitter, ask how long they have been in business, the experience level of their guides, what equipment they provide and how far ahead of time you have to schedule your rafting trip.

Planning Your Whitewater Rafting Trip

A few days before your whitewater rafting trip, call the outfitter to find out what you should expect in terms of the river conditions and the weather. If the weather is going to be particularly hot, you might consider taking a morning trip down the river.

If you have bit of a drive to your rafting adventure, be sure to have some ideas for places to stop for meals. Your rafting outfitter might be able to give you tips on local restaurants.

What to Bring on Your Whitewater Rafting Trip

To make sure your whitewater rafting trip is a fun date, come prepared for your adventure. Remember to bring sunscreen, chapstick, towels, bathing suits and dry clothes for the trip home. If you wear glasses or want to wear sunglasses, you will definitely need straps to keep from losing them. Consider bringing a disposable waterproof camera to get pictures of your rafting adventure. You also may want to bring something to drink during the calm stretches of the river.

Since your whitewater rafting trip may take you through open areas with no place to hide from the sun, make sure you apply sun screen before you start your trip on the raft.

Staying Safe on Your Whitewater Adventure

Make sure your whitewater rafting trip is remembered as a fun date by staying safe. Be sure to listen carefully to the whitewater rafting orientation. If you happen to fall off the raft, you need to know how to stay safe in the river until you can be pulled back into the raft. You also need to listen to your guide’s paddling instructions. Everyone on the raft needs to work together to avoid obstacles and to insure the best possible ride down the river.

A Fun Date Idea

On a whitewater rafting trip you can enjoy a peaceful ride in the calm waters of a beautiful secluded canyon and a wild ride down whitewater rapids. If you are looking for a fun date idea in the great outdoors, a whitewater rafting trip will provide the fun and excitement that you are looking for.