One time, my sweetheart asked that I pickup my favorite vegetable at the grocery store. Little did I know everyone was supposed to have a favorite vegetable. I picked up some broccoli for her and some cut corn for me (my mother would say corn is a starch). I also noticed some grapes, so I picked them up as a joke. Do you remember the movies where the harem of women would feed grapes to the Arabian prince? I sure do. Later that evening, she asked about the grapes. I told her about the joke and she was a good sport. She got the grapes and would feed me the grapes as I reclined on the couch. I asked her to sit next to me and she did. She would slowly feed me the grapes one by one. She would bring a grape to my lips, slowly run it across my lips and then put it in my mouth. After a while I grabbed a grape and fed it to her. Then, we started to take turns. She would feed me a grape and then I would feed her a grape. It turned out to be a very sensual and unbelievably passionate experience. From that point on, it has been referred to as the “grape incident”. It happened on our third date and I think it sealed the deal for both of us.

Since then, we have branched out. We often feed each other cut fruit at breakfast or share a dessert after dinner. It is sensual, it is playful, and it is a lot of fun. Give it a try sometime. Feed grapes to your loved one!