I initially wrote this romantic tip for men, but women can try it too!

I love to take my sweetheart to a restaurant for dinner. Why? Because I love having her undivided attention. If she is making dinner she is running around the kitchen trying to finish dinner. If I am making dinner, I do the same. At a restaurant, others are tending to our meals, so we can concentrate on one another. When we go to a restaurant, we sit across the table from one another. While we would be closer if we sat next to one another, it is much easier to look at one another across a table. One thing that we both enjoy is to hold hands across the table. For the first time, I would suggest asking if you can hold her hand while you talk. If she agrees, place your left hand palm up slightly on her side of the table. When she places her hand in yours, gentle grab hold of it with a little squeeze and smile. As you talk to her, look into her eyes. Eye contact is important. With your right hand reach over and gently place your hand over hers. As you talk, gently run the finger tips of your right hand over her hand. Your touch should absolutely be as light and soft as you can manage. Look at her hand from time to time as you run your hand over hers. When you look up, look into her eyes and smile. She will probably be looking back with eyes that say “wow”. If you look around the restaurant, no one else will be so close, loving and intimate. It can be a very intimate time and you sweetheart will see how attentive you can be. I try to hold hands with my sweetheart every time we go to a restaurant. I have even done this a coffee shop. You would be surprised how romantic a breakfast at coffee shop can be! The next time you are out at a restaurant, hold hands with your sweetheart and see if that brings you closer.