When you have a quiet moment alone with your sweetheart, try a romantic game that I call I Love. I Love involves focusing on the wonderful things about your partner and your relationship. Here is a very abbreviated example:

Jane: I love when you snuggle up with me on the couch.

Jack: I love being close to you.

Jane: I love when you snuggle up to me from behind.

Jack: I love holding you in my arms.

Jane: I love when you reach out to hold hands.

Jack: I love how you greet me at the front door with a kiss when I come home from work.

Jane: I love all the love notes that you leave me.

Jack: I love to romance you.

Jane: I love your enthusiasm when you play with the kids.

Jack: I love how loving and patient you are with the kids.

Jane: I love that you are such a loving husband and father.

Jack: I love the life we have built together.

Jane: I love you.

Jack: I love you too, Sweetheart.

The romantic game I Love involves taking turns expressing your tender love and devotion to one another. The key to the game is to share from the heart and be completely authentic. You donít need to exaggerate anything, just tell your sweetheart what you truly love about them.

I Love is best played when you and your partner can adoringly look into each otherís eyes. You can play it at a restaurant after a wonderful dinner together. You can play it while snuggling close in front of a fire. If youíre sitting apart from one another in the living room, playing I Love is a great way to get an invitation to come a little closer. I Love can be played anytime you are alone and can concentrate on one another.

Playing the romantic game I Love is a wonderful way to share your love with your partner. It is a great way to build love, stir desire and ignite passion in your relationship.