You’ve gone to the trouble of writing your sweetheart a romantic love letter. What’s next? You could drop your love letter in the mail, but you wouldn’t be sure when she would receive it. You could hide the love letter, but you might miss her excitement when she finds it. You could hand her the love letter, but what your sweetheart would probably enjoy the most is hearing you read the love letter to her.

Reading a love letter to your sweetheart allows you to pick the right romantic moment. It allows you to put the emphasis and emotion into the letter that you had intended. It also allows your sweetheart to hear your words of love in your voice.

You can read your love letter to your sweetheart at the end of a wonderful date or as part of a special day together. You could read a love letter to her as part of a marriage proposal. A love letter would allow you to collect your thoughts and ensure that you clearly express them. A love letter would also be a wonderful memento of your proposal and a reminder of your words of love to her that day.

Whatever the occasion, when the time is right, look deep into your sweetheart’s eyes. Tell her that you have something you would like to read to her. As you say this, pullout the love letter and remove it from its envelope. Read the love letter to her slowly and from the heart. As you read, look up at her as often as possible.  When you are finished, say you hope she enjoyed you reading the love letter aloud to her. One look at her should give you your answer.

Another way you can romance your sweetheart is to get out your old love letters to her. You can look at the love letters together and reminisce about how your love for one another grew. You can relive those memories by reading the love letters aloud to her. It can be a wonderfully loving and romantic time together.

Reading a love letter to your sweetheart at a romantic moment is a wonderful way to express your love for her.