I initially wrote this romantic tip for a husband and wife, but this romantic tip will work for any romantic couple!

Romance is sensual and intimate. Sometime when you are out to dinner with your wife, romance your wife with this romantic tip. After dinner, take a good look at the dessert menu and find something delicious that you both will enjoy. Order one dessert and ask for two spoons or two forks. When you receive your dessert, you scoop up a small piece. Instead of eating the dessert yourself, slowly and lovingly offer it to your wife. As your offer your wife the dessert, look deep into her eyes and slowly move the dessert to her mouth. Once she has taken the dessert into her mouth, slowly remove the spoon or fork as she closes her mouth. You can give your wife the entire dessert or alternate giving her a bite and then taking a bite for yourself. Your wife might also decide that she not only enjoys being feed the dessert by you, but that she also wants to enjoy lovingly sharing the dessert with you. You could take turns sharing the dessert with one anther. The key is to this romantic tip is to take small pieces, move slowly and carefully.