In the course of your romantic relationship, the occasional disagreement is inevitable. Often one person takes offense to something the other has said or done. In these situations, the most loving thing that a man can do is to admit any errors on his part. Explain your point of view and say you are sorry for any misunderstandings. If you were impatient with your sweetheart, it is time to admit it and say you are sorry. Search her heart and consider what your contribution may have been to the disharmony. Honestly admit to any shortcomings in yourself that you see. If she honestly and tenderly loves you, she will see that you are making an effort to bridge the divide. And more than likely her heart will be softened and she will come out from behind the walls she built up around herself and meet you halfway. Your willingness to admit your part will allow her to consider her own shortcomings and her own imperfections. More often than not a fight is ended when one party decides to seek peace. At that point there is the opportunity for the other party to calm down and to try to come to an understanding and resolution to the conflict.