I initially wrote this tip for men, but women can try it too!

Does your sweetheart think of you when you are not with her? Here is one way to make sure that she will. Write a romantic note to her and hide it in a place where she will find it. When she finds your romantic note, she will think that you are sweet, loving, thoughtful and romantic.

1) To get started on your romantic note, you will need a 8 Ĺ" x 11" sheet of paper. Using resume paper is a nice touch, but not necessary.

2) Take the sheet of paper and cut it in half. Then cut each piece in half again. A sheet of 8 Ĺ" x 11" paper yields four 4 ľ" x 5 Ĺ" slips of paper.

3) Take one of these slips of paper and fold it in half. This will make a little paper tent.

4) Write a little teaser on the front of your romantic note to entice her to read what is inside. An example would be to write "Your love..." on the front and "warms my heart" on the inside. Another example would be to write "I..." on the front of your romantic note and "love your smile" on the inside. If you are having trouble thinking about what to write, think about what you enjoy about your sweetheart. Does she have pretty eyes? Then tell her so. Does her smile make your heart leap? Then tell her so. Whatever you write her, make it from your heart.

5) Sign and date your romantic note so she will remember when you gave it to her.

6) Once you have written your romantic note, you will need to hide it in a place she will find it. Now this has to be thought of with some sensitivity. If you place your romantic note in her purse, she will certainly find it, but you donít want her to think that you have been going through her purse. You also donít want to leave your romantic note where someone else will find it. A good place to hide the note may be under her purse. Another place would be to hide it under her napkin at a restaurant (for those of you who are impatient). You can also place your romantic note under a vase of flowers that you gave her, on her computer keyboard, beside her bed or under her pillow. 

7) When she finds your love note, ask her what she thought of it. If she likes it, tell her she may find others from time to time.

8) Write down ideas for new love notes as they come to you and write a couple of romantic notes before each date.

Your sweetheart may find the love notes, read them and leave them where she found them. From time to time, she will come upon a love note that she had forgotten about and relive the joy of your romantic gesture. Of course, that also means her mother might find one from time to time. Another good reason to make sure all your love notes are sweet and respectful.